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GCH Guitar academy

Developer GCH guitar academy

This course is suitable for beginners, as well as more advanced guitarists. The reference section ...

Guitar Guru

Developer Musicnotes, Inc.

Guitar Guru is a handy and effective application that helps you learn how to play the guitar or improve ...

Digital Guitar Tuner

Developer Peter Bezemek

This little and free program is a digital tuner for your guitar. It has several interesting characteristics. One of them is the ...

GSM Professional

Developer GuitarScalesMethod.com

The "Guitar Scales Method" is a very small but promising program that will teach you the guitar ...

Guitar Power

Developer Jana Software

Guitar Power is a chord and scales encyclopedia for the guitar that features all the notes of the music scale and ...

Guitar Chord Buster Pro

Developer Virtual World Software

Guitar Chord Buster Pro is an excellent chords encyclopedia for professional guitarists and for beginners with advanced ...

Ample Guitar T

Developer Ample Sound Co., Ltd.

Ample Guitar T aims to bring the Taylor 714 Acoustic Guitar sound to your studio. The program provides multiple stereo ...

Ample Guitar G

Developer Ample Sound Co., Ltd.

Ample Guitar G is a program that aims to bring the Gibson Les Paul Custom Guitar sound to your studio. It supports AU, VST, VST3, RTAS and AAX ...

500 Rhythm Guitar Licks

Developer Get It All.Net!

A rhythm lick is a sequence of chords and notes that are used to build the rhythm section of music, and many people think that rhythm ...

GuitarVision Player

Developer vmusicsystems

Software for learning how to play songs on the guitar with many options, as zooming, choosing the type of guitar sound you want to ...

Scale Trainer Guitar Edition

Developer eCogNeato Development Company

Samples your guitar through your computers soundcard, determines what notes you are playing, and teaches you 2952 scale, mode, ...

Guitar Chord Wizard

Developer Beckstein Concepts LLC.

Guitar Chord Wizard is destined to be as popular as the Guitar Concept Complete Lesson Plan. No other dictionary ...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Guitar

Developer Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

It's perfect for beginners with no prior musical training or as a refresher course for those who have played before ...

Guitar Chord Legend

Developer ReddingSound

Guitar Chord Legend software makes it simple to go through thousands of guitar chord charts to find a suitable chord. This makes the ...

Complete Electric Guitar Pack

Developer Get It All.Net!

Features: - 500 rhythm guitar licks and riffs. - 500 guitar arpeggio licks and riffs. - Looping allows you to keep your hands free. - You ...